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Full set-up and training

Under our Full Set-up service we will build a forecast for you in foreCASH.

  • Forecast built by accountant with experience as a Finance Director of £2m-£100m turnover businesses.
  • Forecast based on sales outlook, your growth guidance, recent management accounts and any other material changes expected.
  • Once built, half-day handover session – refinement of forecast and foreCASH training (at your offices)
  • Optional follow-on service - monthly or quarterly updating of forecast.

Guide - foreCASH Full Set-up Service click here PDF

Once provided with the relevant background data your forecast will be ready for handover in 3-5 working days. Pricing for a typical forecast with up to 50 lines of detail in the Profit and Loss report is shown below.

Item Note Price £ Select
(ex VAT)
Full set-up plus half day handover(standard) (typical 50P&L lines) £950.00
Full set-up plus half day handover(project based) (project based company) £1,250.00
Quarterly update of forecast Per quarter £550.00
Monthly update Per month £360.00
Weekly update Per week £175.00

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