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Cast. software has 99% of the features of Winforecast. Please contact us for more details

What happened to Sage WinForecast?

Sage WinForecast stopped being developed in 1998 but continued to be distributed up until March 2013, when new licences ceased to be sold. Support has now ceased.
As a solution to Sage WinForecast's development, supply and support being ended Cast. was born. It has been developed to replace Sage WinForecast providing all the features in an easier, faster and more familiar look and feel.


What does it cost

A standard single user licence costs £750 PER ANNUM(p.a).
Additional charges apply for integration modules(POA), extra users £200 p.a. and the consolidation module £200 p.a.


Integration with Xero accounts and Fathom reporting software. Additional fees apply.

Want a demo?

Use the demo tab or call/email to arrange a web based demo.

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